Liquisol’s liquid solar control paints are designed to be applied to any acrylic, plexiglass or glass skylight. When too much heat penetrates from a skylight, making the occupants uncomfortable and further raising energy bills, Liquisol is the solution. It’s a simple, affordable and effective way to reduce skylight heat.

Skylights enhance and beautify by bringing sunlight in to brighten normally dark areas of a room. Sometimes however, there is just too much sun. Excessive heat and glare from a skylight can make a room very uncomfortable in addition to increasing the cost of air conditioning. The simple economical alternative to reduce the unwanted, annoying heat and glare are one of Liquisol’s solar paints!

Unlike skylight shades which block up to 90% of the light coming through a skylight, Liquisol can be adjusted to allow in the optimum amount of light while alleviating the excess heat and glare. Most of those other solutions are simply too dark. Liquisol is formulated to reflect the infrared light, where the heat is concentrated, while letting in a measured amount of visible light. Best of all, Liquisol is easy to apply and it will pay for itself fast, sometimes within a
single year.

Less expensive, easier to maintain and better looking than skylight shades, skylight blinds and skylight covers, Liquisol solar reflective paint is the cost effective option for reducing solar heat gain through a skylight.

Liquisol Products Available

Liquisol’s 3Seasons was designed for hot summer, extremely cold winter climates. This temporary paint can be easily removed and reapplied when needed, allowing excessive solar heat to be blocked most of the year while taking advantage of solar gain during winter.

Liquisol’s 4Ever, 4EverBlue and 4EverDark are permanent solar reflective paints. Each was designed to provide a choice of visible light transmissions and heat rejection.

4EverDark, provides extreme heat and glare protection while 4Ever let’s in the most light and is optimal for applications where customers want heat and glare control combined with a maximum amount of light.

4EverBlue emits a blue hue on the inside of the building designed to mimic the sky, giving occupants the feeling of beautiful weather outdoors while providing an efficient solar control solution. 4EverBlue has a 57% Total Solar Energy Rejection.4EVERblue has a very good anti-glare effect when looking at a skylight or sky dome.

sOOp Glass Cleaner readies the surface of skylights in preparation for the application of Liquisol 4Ever or 4EverBlue Solar Reflective Paint. sOOp removes oil, grease and debris which can interfere with the adhesion of the Liquisol paint to the surface, whether it be glass, acrylic or polycarbonate. As an added benefit, sOOp is an anti-fungal, killing mold, mildew and bacteria.