Pentagon Attachment Systems

Safety film is a necessary element in protecting lives and property from the damage caused by glass breakage, which if not anchored to the frame, remains a hazard. Depending on the cause and force of glass breakage, non-anchored filmed glass will either fall out of the frame or fly to the interior of the premises. If the cause of breakage is due to a blast, the full sheet of glass will fly toward the interior thereby resulting in considerable damage. In the case of smash and grab, a robber can push the whole piece of glass out of its frame with minimal force and gain access to the premises. Therefore, the use of anchoring systems is essential to establish complete glazing protection and full security.

Our anchoring products are designed specifically to be highly effective in blast mitigation, storm protection and criminal intrusion prevention.

The Z-Lok profile is the industry’s best solution for protecting glass entry ways. Advanced Elite and Glass Security Seal profiles have achieved GSA level 2(Minimal Hazard) in ASTM F1642 Testing. The Pentagon Elite is also available for residential installations.

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